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Our company offers legal concierge service. Legal concierge is a properly skilled and experienced company employee, who can procure any legal information for you or your firm with meeting relevant standards,, plan and organize the visit ( at the notary bureau, for instance), learn and assess the legal risks of movable and immovable properties of the company the customer may intend to purchase;
Besides, legal concierge accompanies the customer from initially concluding the contract till its expiration at the public agency, in order to make the transaction safely and promptly.
Concierge service is pretty favorable in terms of time spare and comfort. Besides, facilitating the customer’s activity and minimizing the time consumed, serves as the main advantage of the legal concierge service.
Case of the customer is under constant monitoring and the customer is constantly updated with any procured information, when our firm serves as the legal concierge, which enables to reach the target rapidly.