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Corporate Legal Service

Our company offers corporate legal service, which are properly subdivided into unlimited and standard packages. Given service is pretty favorable to the companies , who need the legal documents and related aspects ordered in a professional way . Given package is way practical to the medium sized companies , holding no legal departments and enables them to employ very meaningful legal services required to the company.

Limit free corporate service package includes:
* Unlimited legal consulting service; Named service of favorable to the business, when the arrays of legal issues are to be considered with potential contractual parties, acting client or other entities. Any companies are required to take any legal decisions to avert further issues, our lawyers can provide assistance with.

* Drafting and revising the contracts in Georgia, Russian , English and German languages. Any firms enter into the relation through concluding the contract, which serves as the instrument, you empower or impose obligations; respectivelly improperly drafted contract may prejudice your action and even reputation. To avoid all of these, you can enjoy with the service of our lawyers, pretty skilled in compiling the contracts for large Georgian and Foreing companies.

* Procurement related legal service The companies, which want to participate in the announced tender, need to procure and process array of tender documents designed for this kind of procurement. Experience of our company will maximize the chance of your success, which is not confined with the properly organized bidding documents, but cover the aspects, like, risk assessments, consulting and services in proper direction.

* Compiling the charters, regulations, meeting minutes, letters and other legal instruments and ensuring legal order.
Since its incorporation, the companies need to hold arranged and ordered corporate documents. The charter is the most meaningful of them, which , in fact, specifies and issues of management and other authorities of the company. Hence, the charter, like other corporate document shall be drafted considering the slightest details and further risks, our company can provide you assistance with.

* Unlimited service upon accompanying in the course of negotiation
Any firm is required to be represented by the entity, holding huge skills and experience of negotiation. Our lawyers will render the best service when accompanying you at the meeting, which will minimize your time and energy, consumed and enable you to receive information promptly about likely risks and potential threats of specific deal.

* Labor relation legal sides
The companies holding specific number of staff need legal arrangement of their labor relations. Our firm will significantly ease settling the labor relations, which will help you avoid further, potential issues. Given service is particularly actual considering the amended legislation.

* Attorney representation at the court and administrative authorities.
Purchasing the corporate package of our firm is particularly favorable and beneficial to the companies. (შეძენა განსაკუთრებით მომგებიანია ისეთი ტიპის კომპანიებისთვის.) given service implies compiling comprehensive legal documents, including lawsuit and related instruments, involving problematic issues , their filing to the court and providing attorney service in three instances. The representation service extends to the administrative authorities and private arbitration, if needed.