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Administrative Law

• Administrative law

Through providing the legal service, our firm is one of the top leaders in the realms of administrative law, which is mainly conditioned by many years of experience as administrative lawyers of out personnel, which significantly benefits to our company in this regard.
You can receive services in our company in the fields of administrative law, like c. Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi City Assembly related issues; disputes arisen in line with the municipal inspection of Tbilisi city Hall, LEPL Property Management Agency, LEPL Tbilisi Architectural service, Public Registry National Agency; LEPL Public procurement agency , the Ministry of Finance and other public authorities.
Compiling the documents and procedures of applying to the administrative authorities in any desirable filed of yours, which , in the meantime requires meeting the legal requirements is also involved in the wide range of services, our firm renders in a professional way.
Besides, Our service covers the immovable property registration issues at Public Registry Agency, legal consulting and administrative proceeding, settling the residency and nationality related issues. One of the strongest sides of our firm in terms of administrative law, is the dispute settlement with the Revenue Service at the proper administrative authority and the court. Besides, renders legal service to obtain construction permit in terms of observing the licensor and appealing the construction permit issued to the other entity.
Incorporation of the subsidiaries, reorganization (merge/dissolution, legal transformation), liquidation, compiling and arranging the incorporation documents of the company serve as one of the fields, our legal firm is involved. We have provided similar services to the large international enterprises.
As a result of many years of practice in administrative law enables us to minimize your time and costs of service provided in administrative law. .