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Construction Law

• Construction law

Our company is ranked as one of the leaders in the construction law, which is mainly reaches as a result of many years of experience of our staff , which, in the meantime creates supplementary resource, required for rapid solving of your problems.
Construction law covers the private and administrative fields, required in the course of large or small construction project implementation. The service canvas settling the K1 and K2 coefficient related issues (development and development intensively coefficient) , which implies appealing the parameters, increased for others, disputing the defective parameters or development size for you and representation at the courts, and administrative authorities either. Ensuring legal part of modifying the zones, established by the urban planning documents ( general plan approved by Tbilisi or other respective city assemblies), which specifies the construction zones in specific areas along with its development for construction purposes.
Along with the corporate legal service, given service is particularly effective and practical for large or small construction companies, which, except for construction are required to have legal issues ordered in terms of contracts, registration of spaces/surveys at the public registry agency , negotiations on construction-investment projects and similar services.
Service is effective for natural and legal entities, whom appealed the procured construction document, (construction permit, architectural –planning document and etc), when they are refused to obtain construction permit or they are eager to appeal the construction permit of another person, if the project damage their legal rights and interests.