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Criminal Law

• Financial part of criminal law

One of actual services of out firm is the economic offences , prescribed in the criminal code of procedure. Huge experience of practice in financial realm enables our lawyers to observe the interest of the principal in a professional way in the investigative bodies, like Investigation service of the Ministry of Finance, , court and related agencies.
Our company offers the service related to the follow up offences: offence- fraudulent, prescribed by the article 180 of criminal code of procedure , Article 182 – embazzelement, Article 185 – fraudulant property damage , Article 186 –purchase or sell of the property, procured in illegal way, Article 188 – negligence damage or destroy of the item; Article 189 – copyright, relating right and database maker right prejudice; Article 190 – legal entrepreneurial action encumber Article 191 – land related illegal contract registration, Article 194 – money laundering, Article 1941 – use, purchase or sale of the property, obtained in illegal way. Article 220 – Power abuse, etc.